Kava Panel

Kava Panel


Kava Panel is a free, open source virtual server management panel. Kava Panel allows you to view current machine usage, manage processes, cron, display network information, manage nginx, databases, and reboot the virtual server.


Realtime dashboard

Kava Panel displays the current server load in real time.

Process monitoring

Kava Panel allows you to monitor processes right from the web page, as well as kill them.

Responsive degin

Kava Panel has a responsive design. This allows you to manage your server from anywhere (PS: We didn't test a washing machine, but a toaster did).

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Kava Panel has its own API so you'll be able to do amazing things, like telling your coffee maker to make you a cup of coffee after your server goes down (It's going to be a long night...).

And more...


Coming soon

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